How to Use TuneBend™

Built for and by musicians, TuneBend promotes the creation and learning of music from the ground up, letting you easily dissect, learn and play with each part of a tune. Whether you’re a beginning saxophonist who wants to learn how to play a jazz standard in ¾ time, a bass player layering your tracks, or a rock band looking to audition your next guitarist, TuneBend can help connect you to the music, artists, and information you need, as well as give you exposure to new audiences and professional opportunities.

Key Features

Create new music

Solo single or multiple instruments, and add your own instruments and tracks in order to re-imagine any tune to your liking

Discover and Learn from the Best

Watch, learn, and play along with some of the best musicians in the world as they play original compositions and standards.


Swap yourself in to play along with other musicians, or invite others to play along with you.

Manage your songs and your profile

Choose which one of your songs you want to collaborate on and which ones you want to publish to the world.

Compare Versions and Performers

Hear a completely new tune or performance by swapping one artist or rendition for another.

Broadcast Your Talent

Share your compositions and practice pieces with others on TuneBend

Go deeper on the craft

See sheet music, learn about the artist, and get exclusive video tutorials and tips from professional musicians and music teachers.

Discover New Music

Browse original compositions, covers, and standards, recorded by the TuneBend community, then pick the songs you want to play along with or contribute to.

Swap Yourself In to Play Along

To play along with the band, simply pick the musician you are replacing and hit the record button. After a short count-in track, the music will start and your computer will begin recording. You can also play along by hitting Add New Part.

Record Your Own Tunes

You can upload your existing compositions to TuneBend or create music within the app. Simply tap on New Song, then New Part. To record within the app, press the red record button.


You can edit any publicly available song to give it your own twist. To enter Edit Mode, click the edit button in the top right of the screen, and you’ll see that X’s appear in the top right of each tile. You can remove any of these tiles. While in Edit Mode, you can also use the bottom bar to also loop or change the time signature.

Audition and Compare

Once you have multiple performers in a video tile, you can compare versions. Click on the bottom-left of the tile and change performers--creating entirely new renditions of a tune by mixing and matching different performers. You can use this to imagine new combos, audition new band members, or simply compare different takes on the same piece.

Share Your Work

On the My Projects page, you can share your work by clicking on the dots alongside your song. TuneBend lets you choose whether you want to make the song available to all of the TuneBend community, or just with friends. If you only want to share with a few people, the app will generate an access code that you can send via text or email to the people you want to share with. This will allow them to collaborate and interact with your work.
Whether you are sharing publicly or with just a handful of people, don't worry--no one can delete your music. Any edits they make are happening just on their version of the song.

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